Yes, It’s Now Possible to Work in an Office in Your Backyard

There are a lot of great things about working from home. It provides a flexible schedule, saves on travel costs, and keeps us closer to family. But with the good come distractions. The TV, the couch, and the refrigerator are RIGHT THERE, for one thing—to say nothing of the kids, the pets, and everything else that demands our attention at home. Wouldn’t it be great to have the best of both worlds? Imagine enjoying the comfort and convenience of home, plus the focus and productivity of a real office. It can all be yours! All you need is Some Elbow Room.

Some Elbow Room provides tiny, customizable buildings designed to add some private, personal space for anything you need. For many of our customers, that means outfitting their Elbow Room as a home writing studio, photography studio, or home art studio. For others, it becomes a place to crunch numbers or write line after line of code. When you add Some Elbow Room to your backyard, you can work uninterrupted on almost anything—just a few steps away from your house. 

What sets Some Elbow Room apart from ordinary home offices and backyard sheds is the uncommon quality. Every structure we build is constructed using 2×4 studs with 16-in. centers and double-top headers. We include vapor barriers on every wall, radiant barriers in the ceiling, and professional insulation to keep the outdoors where they belong. We build each Elbow Room like a tiny house because we want you to comfortably spend lots of time inside of it!

These are stylish spaces you can’t wait to show off. When clients, employees, or colleagues visit you at the office, your custom-built Elbow Room lets them know that you take your work seriously. We can give you a chance to work from home in style in a year-round, high-end, home-office solution.

What you get with Some Elbow Room is far beyond any simple shed or back-bedroom workspace. We can customize your tiny building to provide plenty of natural light, a fully finished interior, heating and air conditioning, and decor that matches your workplace sensibilities. Hardwood flooring? No problem. Modern wall coverings? We’ve got the options you’re looking for. Whatever suits your needs and your style, we can provide. Every Elbow Room is built by experienced craftsmen to last for decades. It’s the perfect addition to any home, only steps away from your home! 

If you’re ready to explore a new way to work from home in style and comfort, contact Some Elbow Room today. We’re standing by to give you all your options for a tiny, productive workspace all your own. It’s the perfect solution to feeling like you live at the office!