Some Elbow Room Offers Backyard Schoolhouses with Class

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shape how we live and work, it’s also changing how many students learn. Many schools across the country are making use of remote learning to slow the spread of the virus. By the same token, more and more parents are opting to homeschool their children during the crisis. 

Because there is no end to the complications caused by COVID, a lot of parents are already working from home, creating a space crunch in the house. Some working parents are also organizing co-ops with nearby families and hiring their own teachers to educate small groups of children, but need enough space for children to meet. As a result, many families are seeking out a versatile, private space where all of the focus is on education, away from the distractions in the house. 

They’re looking for Some Elbow Room. 

Let’s face it: Most families simply do not have the space for school to take place at home, especially if one or both parents are working from home. Some Elbow Room provides these families with fun, functional backyard classrooms that provide a dedicated learning environment without costing them thousands of dollars in home renovation fees. 

Every Elbow Room we create is fully customized to your needs and tastes. Just choose the size, color, and style you want and we’ll deliver and build the tiny, air-conditioned room of your dreams! You can even add walls for kitchen or bathroom facilities, and there’s no concrete foundation required.

Some Elbow Room gives kids their own quiet, serene space to study—or a lively, energetic space if that’s more their speed! There’s no limit to the style or vibe of your backyard schoolhouse because Elbow Rooms are amazingly customizable. Your schoolhouse can be designed to perfectly complement your backyard, home, and teaching style. When the kids graduate, it can be easily redecorated to suit your evolving needs and wants. 

If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities Some Elbow Room offers, contact us today. Let’s dream together about how we can transform your backyard into a stylish and serene schoolhouse the kids will love.