She-Shed or Studio—Whatʼs the Difference?

Do you crave a little “me” space in your home but donʼt have the square footage to spare? You may be surprised to find that a perfectly appointed she-shed (or he-shed) offers the ideal solution without forcing you to buy a bigger house (or get a variance for the one you have!). With our fully customizable tiny modular buildings, Some Elbow Room makes it easy. All you need is a backyard or space for a shed and you’re golden.

Some Elbow Room allows you to transform some of your unused outdoor space into an extra room for whatever purpose suits you. The best part, unlike adding a house addition, our tiny structures don’t require a building permit in many areas. Itʼs big enough to escape into a building all your own, but small enough to avoid troublesome building codes—and the best part is that weʼll build and install it for you, wherever you like.

One of the most popular uses for Some Elbow Room is a classic she-shed: a little retreat just steps from your back door where you can keep busy with whatever youʼre passionate about. Some of our customers use their Elbow Rooms to create jewelry for sale, some prefer potting and gardening, and still, others create incredible fashions or hairstyles in their very own tiny studios. Weʼd never tell you how to use your she-shed, because, in our experience, most people donʼt have any question in their minds as to what they would do with Some Elbow Room!

Art and painting; sewing and crafts; reading and writing; meditation and yoga; entertaining and outdoor bar; poolside cabana—the possibilities are endless. Some Elbow Room can extend your life out into the backyard in many wonderful ways. After all, who says you canʼt a little indoor fun in the backyard? Our insulated, climate-controlled buildings are a fun and attractive way to get out of the house and get into the things and ideas that move you. Put your piano in there—or your drumset! Your she-shed is your own, and youʼve never seen a shed customized like this before.

If youʼre ready for a little space of your own to transform into a she-shed or a backyard studio, contact us today. Weʼre standing by to help make your dream a reality! Join the women and men who are already enjoying Some Elbow Room that they helped to design. Call us up, check out our modular options and finishes, tell us where to put it, and start making it yours! We canʼt wait to see what you do with a little place where you can belong. We look forward to hearing from you!