Project Spotlight: Music Studio

If it’s too loud, you’re too old! That’s what we used to tell ourselves, way back before we had a family. Or neighbors. Finding a quiet place to rehearse and record where you won’t be bothered or be the bother is a constant challenge for musicians of all stripes. Our client Ryan made do with a spare bedroom in his house until that bedroom became home to a tiny person. All of a sudden, Ryan’s growing family didn’t have room for the kind of volume put out by his drums and guitar. So Ryan started looking for a new place to pursue his passions. 

It turned out that new place was right in the backyard! Ryan contacted Some Elbow Room about designing a tiny, custom music studio right behind his home. It was far enough way not to disturb his family, but close enough that he could easily access it 24/7. All Ryan really needed was Some Elbow Room (and earplugs)! 

First, Ryan selected the size he would need for his home studio from our custom design options. Next, we worked with him to choose paint, flooring, lighting, electrical access, and decking that would complement both his musical pursuits and minimalist sensibilities. Once our team built the custom shed in his backyard, Ryan added soundproofing elements, furniture, and instruments to complete his very own rock and roll oasis. Now, he can rehearse, record, or just rock out without any complaints from the family or the neighbors! 

Some Elbow Room makes it easy to create a private escape for your hobbies and projects just steps from your backdoor. From a music studio to a home gym, workshop, or crafting palace, we have all the design options you need to enjoy a little space perfectly tailored to your interests. Getting started is easy! Ryan contacted us online, but we’re always happy to pick up the phone, too. If your home can’t contain your musical intensity any longer, we’ve got the solution. Contact Some Elbow Room today and let’s get started creating the quiet luxury studio of your dreams!