No Space in the Garage? Your Mancave Demands Some Elbow Room

For many men, the garage is a refuge from the world, hidden away from the stresses of work and family by a thick layer of sawdust and motor oil. Or, at least, it used to be! Today, our garages are often filled to the brim with everything that won’t quite fit in the house: Christmas decorations, sporting goods, moving boxes, lawn-care equipment, and oh yeah, cars! Oftentimes, it feels as though the garage’s main purpose these days is to store everything that won’t fit in the house. 

So, is there no refuge left? If the garage isn’t an option, are we destined for a mancave-less existence? Have no fear guys. All you need is Some Elbow Room. 

An Elbow Room is a complete, customized room built right in the backyard. This is no mere shed we’re talking about—it’s a fully finished, climate-controlled space all your own that you can devote to any passion you choose, from woodworking to home brewing to video games. You choose the exterior finish, the flooring, the paint or wall coverings, even the windows and doors to express your own personal style. Use it to entertain your friends and family, or keep it as your private retreat. All you need is a little Elbow Room to create the ultimate, self-contained mancave! 

Each of our Elbow Rooms is big enough to house any hobby you choose but small enough to fit in any backyard. Some guys turn their Elbow Rooms into chill pads set up to watch sports and movies. Others use their Elbow Rooms to display their prized collections, or as a showroom for their motorcycles or electronics. Thanks to the built-in electrical wiring, some guys prefer to turn their Elbow Room into a workshop, office, or studio. Whatever your home is lacking can be added with a little Elbow Room. 

If the dirty, crowded garage isn’t cutting it and the basement is too dank and creepy, we have the solution. Select your preferred dimensions as well as exterior and interior styling, and we’ll handle the rest. Our experienced crew will bring all the building materials to your location and complete the modular mancave of your dreams. How you decorate it will be up to you.

Your Elbow Room might be your own, private castle in the backyard, but in a way, it’s a gift to the rest of your household, too. Get your favorite hobbies and toys out of the second bedroom, the attic, and yes, the garage where they’re taking up valuable space and into a customized space built expressly for them. You might be surprised just how much your family appreciates you having Some Elbow Room to call your own! 

To get started, contact us today. We’ll walk you through your options and help you create the mancave of your dreams. You deserve it!