Create the Gardening Oasis of Your Dreams

At Some Elbow Room, we don’t believe in garden sheds. We believe in fully customized, climate-controlled gardening palaces! Backyard sheds don’t have to be basic, utilitarian structures. Besides housing gardening tools and supplies, these backyard buildings can create a charming focal point for your backyard and additional outdoor living and working space. Thanks to our sleek, modular design options, it’s easy to create an outdoor oasis you’ll want to retreat to all year long to nurture your favorite green family members! 

If you’re ready to stop curating ideas on Pinterest and start creating the gardening retreat of your dreams, you’re ready for Some Elbow Room. We recommend starting with a clear vision for your backyard gardening shed. We can build a tiny, air-conditioned room to house all the garden things that you rely on: tools, pots, feed, sprays, and more. Imagine opening the door to your Elbow Room and having everything you need within easy reach! 

Some Elbow Rooms are big and roomy, and others are quaint and cozy. It all depends on your needs and the location where you’d like it to be built. We can construct your Elbow Room on a concrete pad or a pier-and-beam foundation—whichever suits your yard best. Some of our clients like to match the look of their home, while others prefer to create something unique and distinctive in the backyard. We’ll help guide you through your options to create the ideal tiny room to match your vision. 

Your Elbow Room can be a comfortable, personalized space that goes far beyond storage. Create your very own room for prepping seed pods, transferring cuttings, potting bulbs, and keeping plants warm and cozy. It can be a place for all your tools, all your ideas, and all your me time. Some Elbow Room can be whatever you need it to be! 

Best of all, each Elbow Room comes with a 30-year dimensional roof and traditional windows and doors that will provide a lifetime of beautiful enjoyment, just steps away from your back door. Get your gardening stuff off the porch and out of the garage—you deserve better than that! Let’s create the secret garden cottage that you’ve always wished you had. We can’t wait to see what you have planned! 

Some Elbow Room garden shed

Contact us today for a tour of our San Antonio showroom. You’ll be amazed that such a tiny building has so much room to grow!