Create a Backyard Art Studio Shed with Some Elbow Room

Need a place to unleash your creative side? Then you need Some Elbow Room! Our tiny buildings can be custom tailored to fit the shape and color of your own creative expression. We proudly work with artists, photographers, and creatives of all kinds to build them a space of their own in which to pursue their passions. 

art studio

Our modular design options allow you to choose the exact options you need for your backyard art studio. In fact, building the Elbow Room studio of your dreams is a unique creative project unto itself! Whether you need tons of natural light and windows or a quiet and softly lit room, the choice is yours! Experience the remarkable boost in creative productivity that comes with having a creative studio just steps from your back door!

Back yard Art Studio

Turning Some Elbow Room into an art studio means no more art supplies in the spare bedroom, no more craft glue and paint on the kitchen table. No garage can compare to one of our tiny, attractive buildings! Each Elbow Room includes electrical wiring and insulation. Choosing an air conditioner is a must to create a comfortable, year-round escape where you can do your best work. The interior can be customized any way you see fit. Want to create a rustic space? Clean and modern? Cozy and homey? We can do that. Just tell us what you’re aiming for, and we’ll give you the knowledge, options, and tools you need to personalize your backyard studio with ease. 

backyard art studio

Here’s how it works: First, reach out to Some Elbow Room via phone or email. We’ll provide a free consultation on our many art studio shed options. You tell us what you need and what you like, and we’ll create a design that will suit your tastes perfectly. We take pride in creating backyard studio spaces that help beautify your backyard, adding years of enrichment and enjoyment that will make you love your home even more.