Build a Backyard with Class

Need a little learning space away from the distractions of home? You need Some Elbow Room! We create customizable, tiny buildings that can be used as a backyard classroom for families struggling to find space for homeschooling and remote learning during COVID-19. As the school year begins, there is an increasing number of families opting to homeschool their children during the pandemic. 

The rise in the number of adults already working from home adds a serious complication! With Some Elbow Room, there’s no need to compete for space. Many working parents are even organizing co-ops with nearby families and hiring their own teachers to educate small groups of children, but need enough space for children to meet. That’s where our cozy, climate-controlled classrooms come in.

Backyard classroom

At Some Elbow Room, we’re parents, too. We understand why not everyone is comfortable sending their kids to school this fall! But some families simply do not have the space for educational activities to take place at home, especially if one or both parents have transitioned to working from home. We provide families with custom-built backyard classrooms that provide a dedicated learning environment for kids without costing families tens of thousands in home renovations costs.

With Some Elbow Room, you can easily create a space comfortable, fun, and organized space for learning. Forget the dining room table or the living room couch—A tiny backyard classroom is the perfect solution to providing a dedicated education space for kids.

Our highly customizable buildings come in many sizes and configurations and are assembled quickly on site. Windows, doors, cabinets, shelves and even bathroom fixtures can be selected to suit your needs. Choose your own interior finishing materials to make Some Elbow Room your child’s own! 

Best of all, our Elbow Rooms are small enough to fit in most backyards and give students a dedicated space to work that doesn’t overlap with their parents’ home offices. They are also extremely versatile, meaning that today’s schoolroom could become tomorrow’s home office, artist studio, in-law suite, home gym, or backyard hangout.

Adding Some Elbow Room to your home is an affordable alternative to home renovations, which can cost much more and take months to complete. Why pay more to wait?

Backyard classroom

The space can be customized for children with child-size furniture and other touches that promote learning such as a reading corner, a science lab, a math station or art studio. Parents can also design the exterior of the tiny house to promote outdoor learning. For example, window boxes or a raised garden can be used for science projects. Bird feeders can draw local wildlife for study or entertainment. A rain gauge and weather vane can fuel science lessons. Playsets can facilitate physical education and a picnic table or hammock can be used for eating or relaxation.

If you’re ready to create a lovely little classroom where your kids can safely pursue their studies in peace, contact us today! Some Elbow Room is the answer to smarter, simpler learning just steps from your back door.