ADU: When Your Houseguests Need Some Elbow Room

Ever wish you could just keep your mother in law out of your house? Well, we’ve got some good news and bad news about that! 

Tiny House

Good news: An addition to your Texas home can be wonderful. We can add an accessory living space to your household that gives you the extra space you’ve been craving. Have you outgrown your house but you don’t want to leave your neighborhood? Do you need a place for the teens to hang out? Have you always wished you had a private retreat or maybe an extra bathroom? Maybe an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) for mom or to Airbnb for extra cash? You deserve it! 

Bad news: Adding on to your house costs real money. Those weekend remodeling shows on HGTV breeze right past the price. In 2021, construction costs have reached astronomical levels! The price of lumber, materials, and labor is through the roof, and that’s only after you’ve got your permitting situation figured out. The price and the hassle keep too many people from realizing their dream of adding an accessory dwelling unit to their property.

At least, it did until Some Elbow Room came along! 

tiny house interior

If you want to add a room to your house, measure the length of the space you need, multiply it by the width, and multiply THAT by $300 to get a general idea on what construction might cost you. If you’re fancy and want imported tile made from the finest quartz and marble, add a lot more money to that figure! 

Why does it cost this much? Because adding on to a home isn’t as simple as cutting a door and adding a box. It’s COMPLICATED. A homeowner hopes it’s just some lumber, sheet rock, and paint. A builder knows it’s also electrical upgrades, HVAC changes, perhaps some foundation work, roof adjustments, and plumbing changes. All that adds up fast.

That’s why an ADU from Some Elbow Room is the perfect, cost-effective solution. We can create a customized accessory dwelling unit wherever you need one! Our construction costs are much lower than adding on to your home, and our ADUs come fully equipped with climate control and plumbing-ready fixtures if you want them! You won’t BELIEVE how much less it costs to add a fancy, finished-out shed that you can decorate however you choose to your backyard than it does to add a room to your house. 

If you’re ready to give a tiny house a try and give grandma her very own space, let’s talk! Contact us today for a free consultation on your needs, or visit our showroom on Redland Road in San Antonio! There’s nothing we love more than working with a new client to add a beautiful, functional ADU to their property that’s customized to their specific preferences.